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Kids Count

About the Kids Count Campaign

WCL Education’s Kids Count Campaign is our annual crowdfunding, individual giving campaign. For 3 weeks, we celebrate who we are through emails and social media, featuring photos and stories about the tremendous impact of our music education programs.

Through donations ranging from $10 to $5000, we enlist the support of our community to provide inspiring and joy-filled music opportunities for thousands of Philly kids.

Thanks to our generous supporters, WCL Education is able to raise 10% of our education budget in just 10 days!

“Music can bring people together and help them be happier.”

—Zahyir, 5th grade, participant in WCL Education


These past two months, we’ve seen how music brings us together. Even across distance, music connects us.

World Cafe Live is a nonprofit that brings thousands of Philadelphia youth together each year through free music education.

To date, WCL Education (formerly LiveConnections*) has reached 50,000 participants, collaborated on five albums with Philly schools and sparked collaborative music-making with young people across the city.

Every year, kids like Zahyir pour into World Cafe Live for our interactive performances with top teaching artists. They hear how music crosses boundaries, learn about world cultures, experience new ideas.

This spring, our teaching artists are working virtually, collaborating with young people to write new songs and poetry and speak up through music. We’re ready to meet whatever our changing world presents us!

Will you join our Kids Count campaign?

Help us bring FREE music education to Philly kids.

We need to raise $60,000 by May 29.

Zahyir’s right; music makes us happier. Let’s bring young people together through music. They deserve it.

“Rhythmic Body” educational performance at World Cafe Live. Photo by Wide Eyed Studios

Students from Hill-Freedman World Academy collaborate with WCL Education artists on a yearlong album production residency. Photo by Jaci Downs Photography

About WCL Education

Each year, WCL Education (formerly LiveConnections*) reaches thousands of public school students and youth and adults with disabilities through free, music-making programs.

  • Since 2008, our flagship Bridge Sessions at World Cafe Live blend live performance with hands-on participation, allowing groups from schools or human service organizations to experience the joy and power of music.
  • Our In-Depth Residencies are developed in collaboration with Philadelphia public schools, We provide ongoing opportunities for youth to participate in percussion, storytelling, songwriting and music production programs.
  • Our Bridging the Distance video collection provides an online series of Bridge Sessions, genre-crossing performances and original music, featuring curricular tie-ins.

*LiveConnections is now WCL Education. In 2019, we combined with our long-time partner World Cafe Live to become a single 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are registered under the name LiveConnections Org and our EIN is 26-2666641.

If you prefer to pay by check, checks can be made out to “World Cafe Live” and mailed to WCL Education, P.O. 42796 Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Please email with any questions.