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Folk Music: The People’s Music

Folk Music: The People’s Music

A celebration of the diversity, themes and spirit of folk music from a variety of cultures, including East Asia, the Middle East and the U.S.

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Bridge Sessions easily intersect with state standards for music education, as well as standards for many other classroom subjects. Although no advance preparation is necessary to attend, we encourage teachers to connect Bridge Sessions back to your classrooms. Please contact us if any additional information would be helpful.

Musical Genres
Arab, Jewish, Taiwanese, gospel, blues, folk

Guitar, oud, jarana, vocals, violin, darabouka

Music You’ll Hear
Up Above My Head (U.S. / Sister Rosetta Tharpe)
Binti Shalabiya (Lebanon)
Lo Yisa Goy (Israel)
Study War No More / Down by the Riverside (U.S.)
Diu Diu Deng (Taiwan)

Key Vocabulary
Folk music
Oral traditions


  • Defining folk music as “people’s music” from around the world: passed down orally, not created for commercial purpose
  • Introduction to instruments from around the world
  • Collaboration
  • Multicultural understanding