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Percussion Studio

Four blocks of words are listed in four corners of a large sheet of paper. In the top left, in blue marker: Happiness, excitement, happiness, excitement, silliness. The top right, in red marker: Love, love self, love, love selfless. Underneath, in brown marker: Thought | ful | ness, feeling safe. In the bottom left, in black marker: diversity, trust, honesty, peace. In the bottom right, also in black marker: awareness, caring, responsibility.

The Percussion Studio, our weeklong summer camp held a World Cafe Live in partnership with Freire Charter School, focuses on ensemble drumming, spoken word poetry, teamwork and performance. In addition to Freire, we partnered with The Center for Grieving Children for 3 years, offering a week of camp tailored for their participants. The program provides an immersive  music-making opportunity, connecting students with world-class teaching artists and musicians.

Students make their own bucket drums out of everyday materials. They learn about Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean drumming traditions, working collaboratively to compose group compositions and rhythmic solosWorking with a spoken word poet, students also compose their own poetry, connecting language with rhythm.  At the conclusion of the Percussion Studio, students have the opportunity to record their spoken word poems with a live band and perform on stage at World Cafe Live for an audience of their family, friends and community members.


Project Team

Josh Robinson, percussionist
Alex Shaw, percussionist
Andrew Lipke, keyboardist, engineer
Yolanda Wisher, poet & spoken word artist
Jacob Winterstein, poet & spoken word artist
Shavon Norris, movement artist

About Our Partners

Freire Charter School
Since 1999, Freire Charter School has been a catalyst for unlocking the potential of some of Philadelphia’s most underserved youth. The atmosphere at Freire empowers each student for growth, both inside and outside the classroom. By engaging with our community, Freire students are disproving stereotypes and improving their neighborhoods. Because of our high standards and our commitment to each individual student’s potential, we are closing the gap between educational experiences that may have failed our children in the past and the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.

Hill-Freedman World Academy
Hill-Freedman World Academy is a special admission middle and high school in Northwest Philadelphia. We proudly serve students with a variety of backgrounds, talents, and needs. Hill-Freedman World Academy provides a rigorous academic environment that inspires individuality and fosters lifelong learners who are committed to being knowledgeable, caring, internationally-minded global citizens. Hill-Freedman is a school where “All Means All” and where students are challenged and encouraged to develop their talents, even those yet to be discovered.

Thanks to Our Supporters

Project-specific support has been provided by The Horner Foundation.

We’re grateful for the numerous foundations, corporations and individuals who support our programs. See a complete list here.