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Percussion Ensemble

Three laughing students playing their bucket drums in a classroom

“We all work together as a team and we never give up.”
—Khalil, 7th grade

In our weekly after-school percussion ensemble at Bregy School, students learn drumming and so much more: teamwork, creative thinking, self-confidence, cultural awareness.

Students make their own bucket drums and rain sticks out of everyday materials. They learn about Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean drumming traditions. They also work collaboratively to compose rhythm poems and group compositions. Additional sessions with a spoken word poet boost creative writing skills and connect language with rhythm.

The ensemble has opportunities to perform at a LiveConnections Bridge Session each spring, and at our Big Hurrah fundraising event in the fall.

Lead teaching artist Josh Robinson says, “Drumming can be used as a tool to teach an array of life skills. It provides a positive and creative outlet for young people to express themselves and release their emotions in a safe space.”

About Our Partners

F. Amedee Bregy School in South Philadelphia is a K-8 school in the School District of Philadelphia.

Project Team

Josh Robinson, percussionist
Jacob Winterstein, spoken word poet

Thanks to our supporters

Project-specific support has been provided by the Bartol Foundation and PNC Charitable Trusts.

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