A Know Before You Go Guide

LiveConnections Presents
A Song Everyone Can Sing: A Community Sing featuring VOCES8

Sunday, March 10, 2019
Temple Performing Arts Center
1837 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA

Doors open at 2:00 p.m.
Show begins at 3:00 p.m.
Show is over at 4:30 p.m.
No intermission

**Be sure to change your clock 1 hour ahead for Daylight Savings Time!**

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The exterior of Temple Performing Arts Center during daytime. A large half-circle stained glass window lies in the middle of the second floor.

I am going to the Temple Performing Arts Center to see different choirs sing.

A choir is a group of people who sing together.

I am going to LiveConnections’ A Song Everyone Can Sing: A Community Sing featuring VOCES8



From the vantage point of the exit to the parking lot, you see cars lined up in parking spots.I am going to park my car and walk a short distance to the theater.

There is accessible parking across the street from the theater.

There is a parking garage on 15th and Cecil B. Moore Ave for $20 per car.

There is a metered lot on 12th and Cecil B. Moore Ave for $4 an hour.

There is another metered lot on 12th and Montgomery Ave for $6 an hour

I may come either by bus or train on SEPTA.

If I am being dropped off, I will get out in front of the theater and my driver will park the vehicle, then meet me inside.

Accessible Entrance

A large gray door at sidewalk level indicates the accessible entrance to Temple Performing Arts Center


The theater has a side entrance for people who use wheelchairs, strollers, or have difficulty with stairs.

There will be other people using this entrance.





An accessible elevator is pictured


I will use the elevator to get to the lobby of the theatre.

The elevator also goes to the 2nd floor where there is a quiet space.





Four children hold hands as they walk through the theater lobby, accompanied by an adult woman.

Many people will be at the theatre to see the show.

The theater lobby may be crowded

I can go to the quiet space on the 2nd floor of the theater if I want to get away from the crowds.

I can also stay close to the person I am with if I don’t like the crowds.


When I go to the theater, I may have to wait in lines.

I may have to wait in line to get into the theater.

I may have to wait in line to get to my seat.

I may have to wait in line in the bathroom.

I may have to wait in line many times.


A person wears a teal shirt with the word VOLUNTEER in bold black letters across the back.Volunteers are friendly helpers who may wear the same colored shirt.

The volunteer helps me and my family find our seats.

The volunteer can also help me get a Braille or large-print program, a headset for audio description, or a seat near the ASL interpreters.

If I need help I can ask a volunteer.


From the vantage point of the stage, there are dozens of theater seats on the first and second level of the open theater at Temple Performing Arts Center


I will be careful when I walk in the aisle to get to my seat.

I can hold onto a person’s hand when I walk in the aisle.



The seat is where I will sit to watch the show.

I can stand during the show if I need to.

Sensory Friendly Area

I will tell the person I am with if I need some quiet time.

I can leave the show and go to the break area.

I can relax in the break area or walk around in the lobby.


An accessible toilet stallI will let the person I am with know if I have to go the bathroom.

I can go to the bathroom anytime I need to.

The bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

The sound of the flushing toilet can be loud.

There are bathrooms in the basement and on the second floor.


Taking a Break from the Show

I can leave the show at any time to use the bathroom or visit the sensory friendly area.

I can return to the show in between songs when I hear clapping or talking.


The members of VOCES8 walk different directions across a stage while singing, dressed in black dresses and blue suits.The choir sings and moves to the music.

This singing will get louder and softer at different times during the show.

Loud and fast singing is exciting.

Soft and quiet singing is a calm part of the show.

If I don’t know what is happening I can whisper my question to the person I’m with.


I will see the choirs moving on the stage.

Sometimes there will be many of them moving on the stage at the same time.

It’s okay if I want to move in my space.


I will see lights on the stage that will be different colors.

These lights may be bright and I can close my eyes if I want to.

The lights may move to the music and how fast or slow you hear a sound.


During the performance, people will clap when a choir sings a song that people like or when the song is finished.

I can clap if I like what the choir is doing.

People clap for a short time.

I can cover my ears if the clapping noise is too loud.

Finale Song

The performance is coming to an end when all of the choirs sing together.

The audience will be asked to join the song.

I can sing if I want to.

I can cover my ears if the singing is too loud.

When the performance is over, I can clap to let them know I liked the show.

Leaving the Theater

I have to walk on stairs or the aisle to leave the theater.

All the people will leave the theater at the same time.

The aisle and the stairs will be crowded.

I will walk slowly on the stairs and stay with the person I am with.

LiveConnections Presents
A Song Everyone Can Sing: A Community Sing featuring VOCES8

Guide Authors:

Bea Chelsea Ortiz, OT/L Candidate 2020
Program in Occupational Therapy
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Katie Samson
Director of Programs

Images Courtesy:
Temple Performing Arts Center
PA Ballet
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