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Know Before You Go

Entering the Venue:

The entrance to World Cafe Live. A blue square sign hangs above the front entrance with the World Cafe Live logo.

I am going to a LiveConnections Bridge Session at World Cafe Live.

I am going to enter World Cafe Live from the main entrance on Walnut Street.

I can use this entrance if I use a wheelchair.

I can use the bathroom on this floor. It is to the left of the elevator. I can use an accessible stall in this bathroom.

The top floor lobby of World Cafe Live. To the right is the bathroom entrance, in the middle is an elevator. Above the elevator is the World Cafe Live logo. To the right is a staircase, behind the staircase is a mural of the top of a tree.

Going Downstairs:

I will be met by someone from LiveConnections to go to the lower level lobby.

I can use the stairs or the elevator to go to the lower level.

I will wait in the lobby of the lower level until the venue is open.

I can use the bathroom on this floor. It is behind the stairs I can use an accessible stall in this bathroom.

Lower level lobby of World Cafe Live. There are stairs to the right, and underneath them on the back wall of the lobby are the restrooms.

The Performance:

When the venue is open, I will enter from the back and sit in front of the stage.

I can use a wheelchair accessible entrance at elevator level 1, and I will enter the venue in front of the stage.

The musicians sing and move to the music

The music will get louder and softer at different times during the show.

Loud and fast music is exciting.

Soft and quiet music is a calm part of the show.

If I don’t know what is happening I can whisper my question to the person I’m with.

I can also ask a musician.

A musician may ask for people to answer questions, play an instrument or try something on stage. I may raise my hand if I want to try it.

I will see the musicians moving in front of me.

Sometimes there will be more than one moving at the same time.

It’s okay if I want to move in my space.

I will see lights on the stage that will be different colors.

These lights may be bright and I can close my eyes if I want to.

These lights may move to the music and how fast or slow you hear a sound.

I can clap at the end of a song. Other people in the audience will clap too. I can cover my ears if the clapping noise is too loud.

Taking A Break:

The mezzanine lobby at World Cafe Live. To the left is the top of the stairs leading to the lower level. To the right of the stairs is the elevator, and along the wall lies a portrait of an artist. On the left of the picture is the entrance to the mezzanine of Downstairs Live.

If I need to take a break from the Bridge Session, I can go to the bottom floor lobby or the mezzanine (balcony) for quiet seating.

I can get to the mezzanine on the stairs or in the elevator at level 3R.

I can use the bathroom on the mezzanine level. There are two single-stall accessible unisex restrooms.

Leaving the Venue:

The exit of Downstairs Live as viewed from outside. On the left is the exit, and on the right of the picture are stairs leading to the upper level of Walnut Street.

I will leave the Bridge Session directly from the venue onto 31st Street. My bus or van will pick me up there.